288 // Nightdrive – Improvisation

After a short break, we resume our activities with a premiere from Nightdrive's forthcoming release on the vital label Citizens Of Vice.

The first premiere of the year was cooked with groove and love in northern Russia, in Saint Petersburg to be more precise. Prolific DJ and producer Nightdrive makes his debut on the respected French label Citizens of Vice with “Improvisation”, a well-constructed (and far from being improvised) four-original EP that presents itself as a true showcase of the Russian artist’s sonority.

With appearances on interesting imprints such as Midnight People, U’re Guay, Dug Up The Bongo, ANDRAS, Electric Shapes, welofi, Lisztomania, Tapes From Future, and Diffuse Reality, just to name a few, Nightdrive flirts competently with many a genre, delivering from Balearic-infused to experimental-driven cuts. For Citizens Of Vice, he decided to explore his House, Jazz, Ambient, and Balearic influences, and the result is a must-have EP for the fans of classy tunes out there.

Premiered here, the title track is the most dance-floor-oriented from the release – imagine dance floors beside a beach or a swimming pool, though, no filthy and sweaty basement thoughts here. With an elegant piano layer and delicate guitar riffs, the theme evokes warm summer breezes and a strong craving for rum cocktails – preferably those with tiny umbrellas and pineapple slices as decoration.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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