290 // On Bells Feat. d.r.a.b. – Alive

Let's support this, shall we? Freeride Millenium kicks off 2022 the same way it ended 2021: With an outstanding volume of the IMPACT series. Premiered here, On Bells' contribution.

After the immense shockwave of positive feedback triggered by the first volume of its compilation series called “Impact”, released last December, the vital platform Freeride Millenium left the lovers of high-quality and innovative underground music out there thirsty for more. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait so long: The second volume is coming out this month, and it is equally impressive. Doing the honours this time, Delicate Features, On Bells, Venice Arms, Younger Than Me (SXDNS090), Birds, and Zamal (SXDNS243).

And this is not just another simple VA release, peeps.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “impact” can be defined as “a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person”. Based on this concept, Jorkes, the label boss, and Lisa Jäge, co-curator of the WAF Galerie in Vienna, couldn’t have chosen a better name to express the essence of the series (that is also followed by discussions under titles such as “Clubs as Places for Freedom and Emancipation” at the WAF): The behavioural and political impact that the club culture (or the lack of it due to the lockdowns) has on the way of life of many and the society in general. Music and awareness are always a beautiful combination, aren’t they? Goosebumps!

We have the privilege of being part of this outstanding release premiering the beautiful contribution young producer Jakob Kolb aka On Bells cooked for the occasion. Featuring d.r.a.b. on the vocals, “Alive” is a three-minute trippy and atmospheric theme of heavenly vocals offset by dark bass and chords with a bittersweet melancholy to it that leaves a lasting impression.

Special credits to Daniel Rajcsanyi, responsible for the photography and artwork of all the instalments of the series.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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