292 // Hoochie Coochie Papa – Nuovo Tempo (From Beyond Remix)

Brazilian producer Hoochie Coochie Papa lands for the first time on Mélopée Records with a retro as hell EP! Solid remix by From Beyond in it, by the way.

Brazilian rising (and shining) star Hoochie Coochie Papa makes his debut on Mélopée Records with a true ode to the good ol’ 80s. The “AE86” EP, named after a legendary Toyota model of which Mr Papa is a big fan, brings two synth extravaganza originals and a beautiful remix made with love by the one & only British producer From Beyond.

Hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the bearded and skilled producer takes his motto “I can’t get enough of Disco” very seriously. His works – found on Golden Soul, Emerald & Doreen, LoveDogs, and Rare Wiri – have indeed fat and generous amounts of Disco Music and its unnumbered sub-genres. On “AE86”, Synthwave was the chosen sonority.

Premiered here, the fabulous From Beyond’s interpretation of “Nuovo Tempo”. Alex, to start, decided to speed down things a little bit, going from 120 BPM of the original to 117 in his version. Then he decided to strip some of the retro atmosphere off, not that he is not a Disco Head himself, but a more minimalistic touch brought an insightful aura to Mr Papa’s work. We liked it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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