306 // Ivan Fabra – Piano Musique (Original Mix)

Ivan Fabra lands on the rising Brazilian label LoveDogs Records with a beautiful Nu Disco cut! On the remix duties: Mau Maioli, Ella De Vuono & TouchTalk.

Respected Spanish DJ and producer Ivan Fabra (SXDNS107) makes his debut on the rising (and shining) Sao Paulo-based imprint LoveDogs Records managed by the local duo TouchTalk. Having started its activities not so long ago, in 2019 to be more precise, the roster of the Paulista label has been slowly encompassing an interesting selection of local and international artists such as Mau Maioli (SXDNS246), Gueva (SXDNS292), Hoochie Coochie Papa, and the label bosses themselves, for instance.

Ivan Fabra, in turn, needs no introduction. His latest works on Boite Music, Nang, Mélopée, Paradiso, and Emerald & Doreen, just to name a few, have only confirmed what everyone who is familiar with his productions already knew: He is one of the most outstanding names amid the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene.

For LoveDogs, he brought “Piano Musique”, an atmospheric but vibrant piece in which he successfully brings together elements from his countless influences: Starting with a windy and deep pad and a melodic and beautiful piano lead, followed by a frenzied Trance-like synth layer and a smooth but powerful acid line. The result is another must-have tune made with love by Master Fabra. On the remix duties, a virtuoso “Brazuca” trio: Ella de Vuono, Touchtalk, and Mau Maioli.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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