318 // Veltrán & Corresponsal – Delirio (Manu Barcelo Remix)

The brand-new Mexican label Kyma Komplex brings back its debut single by Veltrán & Corresponsal by featuring this time an interesting trio of remixes. Premiered here, Manu Barcelo's upbeat version.

One of the reasons Mexico is such a strong reference when it comes to high-quality underground electronic music is because of its competently curated labels. Here is a new one: Kyma Komplex has started its journey only last January with a mesmerising single by Corresponsal & Veltrán, the label owner himself, but has already started drawing the attention amid the Indie Dance/Dark Disco community.

For its second instalment, the promising imprint brings back the aforementioned duo, this time accompanied by an interesting trio of young remixers, though: Manu Barcelo, Sixtoagusto (SXDNS031), and Ives Barceló, who delivered made with love interpretations of “Delirio”, the title track.

Premiered here, Manu Barcelo’s bold version brings the game to a more House Music court. Speeding up things “just” a little bit – from 104 to 118 BPM –, the Argentinian producer infused the original with flush percussive elements and menacing distorted layers in order to replace, competently, the Post-Punk aura of Corresponsal & Veltrán’s cut.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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