374 // Vleks – Fumando (Original Mix)

Vleks is back on Logia Records with an interesting 6-track EP.

When Logia Records kicked off its activities a little bit more than two years ago, the signs of their successful path were already there. Devoted to featuring the crème de la crème of Latino artists allied with solid acts from different corners of the world, the Argentinian label has been repeating the fruitful formula since its foundation and now harvests its 12th EP presenting rising and promising Mexican DJ and producer Vleks. “Voces” consists of three clever originals and three spot-on remixes made with love by Spanish virtuosos Parissior (SXDNS206/FREEDL043) and Barko plus Dutch secret weapon Miguel de Bois.

Premiered here, “Fumando” is a smoking hot Electro-Funk-infused breakbeat theme with an Acid and feisty attitude. Groovy as hell, the cut showcases Vlek’s ability to combine and twist his many influences into something refreshing and innovative in spite of the heavy doses of old-school ingredients in it.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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