375 // Diaz Tech – Push It (Edd Brave Remix)

Edd Brave cooked a bombastic remix for Diaz Tech's debut on Kyma Komplex, check it out!

Daniel Alberto makes his debut on the still brand-new label Kyma Komplex. If the name has not rung the bell, we had better start over: Diaz Tech (SXDNS089/FREEDL013) makes his debut on the still-brand-new label Kyma Komplex. The prolific and respected Mexican producer brings to life “Don’t Stop”, a solid EP featuring two top-notch originals and three outstanding remixes made with love by Cu Da Curuxa, Cali Burton, and Edd Brave (FREEDL033).

With a name carved in stone amid the most acclaimed artists of the underground electronic music scene in Mexico, Daniel’s works have been released not only on important local but also on noteworthy international labels such as Veneno, Controlla, Phisica, Logia, Maleante, Emerald & Doreen, HEARec, and Oberwave, just to name a few.

Premiered here, Eduardo Fernandez aka Edd Brave’s take on “Push It” is what we call here a KAPOW!!! track! Inspired by the frenzied atmosphere of the original, Edd brought the game to a noisier and more intense realm. The laser-like layers added by Edd are definitely something and resulted in a peak time anomaly!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Diaz Tech, Edd Brave and Kyma Komplex, peeps!

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