373 // Roswell Brothers Feat. Nyx – Eternal Future (Brandski Robotic Morphing Remix)

Masks on! The Roswell Brothers are back with a powerful EP coming soon on Veneno. Premiered here, Brandski's contribution to the occasion.

When they first appeared to the world on episode N° 035 of our FREEDL series at the end of 2020, we said “very little is known about the Roswell Brothers”. Almost two years have passed since then, and still, the information we have about the trio remains scarce. What we know so far: They are two Chileans and one Mexican who live in Mexico City and are fans of Lucha Libre. After their debut on SXDNS, they released solid EPs on Emerald & Doreen and NEIN and now land on Veneno with a must-have seven-round fight: “Futuro Eterno” showcases the Brothers’ retro-infused sonority by presenting two high-flying originals and five acrobatic remixes made with inspiration & transpiration by hot shots Adán Aradillas, Brandski, Vleks, Mau Maioli (SXDNS246), and Neurotiker.

While “Eternal Future”, the original, is a New-Wave-meets-Synthwave beauty, the remix we chose to premiere brings shards of Cosmic Disco combined with pinches of French House to the concoction. For his collaboration to the Roswells, besides embedding deep and beautiful synth layers, Brandski opened the vaults where he keeps the talkboxes and vocoders he inherited from Daft Punk and inserted some robotic magic into the theme. Nothing surprising for those familiar with the previous works by the skilled Toulouse-based artist, who is able to bring together his many an influence and deliver high-quality material, independently of the genre.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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