412 // Israel Padilla – Control De Vidrios (Larionov Remix)

Israel Padilla cooked something special for his return to Banshees Records. On the remix duties: none other than Skelesys and Larionov.

Featuring remixes made with love by Skelesys (SXDNS139) and Larionov, Israel Padilla is back to his own label, the rising and shining Banshees Records, with “Control De Vidrios”, a darkness-embedded eight-track album – divided into six well-constructed originals and two insightful interpretations – devoted to showcasing the producing skills of the seasoned Toledo-based artist who spared no efforts and creativity to bring together his most flagrant influences to bring to life his vision of non-fluffy dance music. Expect a nervy combination of EBM, Industrial, Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Electronica, and Techno.

Premiered here, the valuable version Dmitry Larionov came up with brings the title track to a different realm: Starting by tempering the rawness of the original and impregnating it with a more upbeat but still extremely acid (aka dirty) attitude, the Russian artist won big in betting on a clearer and less naughty approach – a decision that turned his remix into one of the highlights of such a solid release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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