421 // Barda – Vidala Y Voltaje

Argentinian rising producer Barda's forthcoming album on Fértil Discos is a must-have for the Organic House community.

Sexy dinosaurs are intergalactically known for loving high-quality Cosmic-infused music. Arpeggios, synth layers, leads… that’s our jam! However, during our holidays in Ibiza, Saturn or Mars, Balearic vibes are mandatory. And today’s premiere delivers exactly what we need for the forthcoming timeout: Argentinian producer Barda is back on Fértil Discos with “El Sueño Sobre El Sueño”, a stunning 10-track album through which the prolific “hermana” showcases a plethora of her capabilities and influences. Combining Latin rhythms with Downtempo, IBM, Electronica, and whatnot, experimentalism is maybe the best word to define the outcome.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, and with a bunch of AAA+ cuts released on respected labels such as QuieroRecordings, Curuba, Wonderwheel, KINDERKRAM, Sonido Trópico, and Fértil itself, just to name a few, Barda is definitely one of the most interesting talents from the Organic House/Downtempo South American scene.

The theme we chose to review opens the release with a mesmerising and intricate atmosphere. “Vidala Y Voltaje”, despite its minimalistic composition, gathers complex elements, ingeniously created and seamed together by an inspired Barda, and heralds what lies ahead: A true journey through the mystical and lustful Latin soundscape.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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