427 // J. Mono – Rf Orig

For the fans of out-of-the-box underground electronic music, we present you J. Mono. His forthcoming appearance on Dalmata Daniel is simply mind-blowing.

So many outstanding artists out there, working hard and doing their best to be heard and recognized for their art and ingeniousness… Sometimes, when we are contemplating a bunch of the 80 moons Jupiter has, we start wondering if one day we will have the opportunity of getting familiar with the craft of at least some of such hidden talents.

Here we have one: J. Mono is back with the third instalment of his “Redate” series, this time featuring twelve creative and hard-to-pigeonhole cuts – solving a Rubik’s cube, drunk & high, would be easier than trying to define with precision all the genres present in the album. Good luck to the ones willing to give it a shot.

The track we selected to review/premiere is definitely one of the highlights of “RIII”: Introducing itself with a stunning and nervous bassline followed by a melodic and rhythmic lead and then topped with dreamy and mesmerising synth layers, “Rf Orig” is the first theme below 138 BPM of the album. It marks the very moment in which the frenzied and hallucinating fast-pacing atmosphere gives us a break to recover the breath before we are thrown back to the frenzied and hallucinating fast-pacing atmosphere that is present in most of the release.

J. Mono’s “Redate III” is coming soon, in digital and cassette formats, on the Budapest-based imprint Dalmata Daniel… So many outstanding labels out there…

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow J. Mono and Dalmata Daniel, peeps!

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