434 // Fugaz – Trupique

The 2023 premiere season is finally ON! 🚀 Starting with this refreshing piece by the Paulista duo Fugaz on U're Guay.

The first premiere of the year is a track from the mind-blowing compilation coming soon on the super cool Montevideo-based label U’re Guay Records. Made with love and mate, the VA brings together almost forty (!) rising South American/Latino artists who delivered well-constructed and creative cuts encompassing many different electronic music genres. Expect Afro, House, Disco, Indie Dance, Techno, Breakbeat, and whatnot, seasoned with exotic spices and secret ingredients. Amid the roster, just to name a few, Alex Aguayo (FREEDL038), Ludviq, Fugaz, Cu Da Curuxa, Manu Barcelo (SXDNS344), Fernanda Arrau (SXDNS158), Umvral (FREEDL018/046), Panko (FREEDL051), and Imanol, the label owner himself.

Premiered here, the frenzied and electrifying contribution of the Brazilian duo Fugaz formed by Fael Cogo and Rica Terlone. With a sonority that “evokes the fantasy of Latin American nightlife when it meets the European sunset”, the lads have been slowly carving their way to stardom with solid performances and now ingenious productions. “Trupique”, the noun form of the verb “trupicar” which means “stumble”, is a theme destined to be played exclusively on packed and sweaty dance floors, preferably at peak time, due to its contagious and upbeat attitude. Brazil is definitely well-represented in this true showcase of young South American/Latino talents.

We finish this review with a message to our Brazilian friends: SEM ANISTIA! ✊

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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