435 // Gates – Radioactivo (Cafius Remix)

Appearing for the first time on NEIN, Gates invited another debutant on the British powerhouse for the remix duty: The rising Ukrainian producer Cafius.

Some artists are so uneasy with their craft that they need to create various aliases in order to express themselves in a more organized way. It’s like if they are pigeonholing their output in an attempt to make things easier to their fans/followers. GATS – also known as Changa Boys, ghostandthesong, Voltags, Solarbaby, Lagoon, and Gates – is one of those restless souls. Using the latter aforementioned nom de guerre, makes his debut on the mighty British label NEIN Records with an interesting journey through his Indie Dance/Dark Disco take. “All Gates Are Open”, expertly mastered by K-Effect (SXDNS062), presents itself through four creative originals and a robust remix by Cafius, the mastermind behind the track we were solicited to premiere.

While the original delivers a sort of frolic and upbeat aura, Cafius’s remix goes through a different path. For his interpretation, the Ukrainian producer aimed at the dance floor by increasing not only the BPM (from 113 to 122) but also the dosage of acid and minimalism. The result is an efficient and darkness-infused cut that has the potential to be in the case (aka repertoire) of DJs and selectors for quite some time during the 2023 season.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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