436 // Seli – Beat Repeat

Happy 1st Anniversary to our Kyma Komplex friends! We reviewed this super track by Seli from the celebratory compilation.

A label celebrating a special occasion with a VA release is definitely something we all have seen before, right? But the Mexican imprint Kyma Komplex innovates with the roster for “Varias Artistas”, its 1st-anniversary compilation. If the title were in English, it would have absolutely no enticement due to the fact that adjectives in the West Germanic language do not agree – both in number and gender-wise – with the nouns they modify. In Spanish, it reveals its magic with the presence of the quantitative in its feminine form by indicating a female-only selection of young and promising producers: Miss Zagato, Discosexo, ariad1000, Ledi Cannit, Conjuro, Bluecommand, Seli, Moozeic, anbu, Ludmila Fuks, SoBeryNice, The Chica, Glo My, Jessica Bellomo, Melina Blanco, and Karola Blen rolled their sleeves and spared no efforts to bring to life interesting cuts encompassing many different genres and influences.

Premiered here, the colourful and zesty contribution by Mexico City-based prodigy Seli enchanted us. Her Techno-meets-House (in a good way, not “Beatport Tech-House” way) piece is definitely one of the highlights of the wealthy and plural release. “Beat Repeat” is a 135-BPM theme with engaging vocal hooks and a powerful attitude. In our humble opinion, a pure-stamina peak-time-only hungry beast!

Happy Anniversary, lads! 🍻

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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