437 // Silicodisco – Miami (Original Mix)

Silicodisco is finally back on Espacio Cielo featuring a superb collaboration with Abby Knives and remixes by Jesu Aparicio and Vhyce.

It has been a while since Silicodisco’s previous appearance on Espacio Cielo: on the occasion, he teamed up with Italian virtuoso Futuristant (SXDNS353/FREEDL042) to deliver a powerful cosmic-infused cut for the volume 2 of “The Sky Sampler” series. Since then, the acclaimed Spanish producer had his works published on respected labels such as Critical Monday, Quixotical, Roam, Aeon, Rotten City, and Slow Cycle, resulting in even more recognition for his solid career amid the dark side of music.

For his return on Espacio, he brings to life two oh-yeah-baby-right-there originals, one in collaboration with the rising Argentinean artist Abby Knives (SXDNS299), and invited none other than Vhyce and Jesu Aparicio, the label boss himself, for the remix duties.

Premiered here, Silicodisco’s “Miami” is not a track that would pair with a pool party at the sunny “Magic City”. Its intensity and turbulence do not go well with mojitos or fancy cocktails. No. Dark dance floors are the natural habitat of this beast and its frenzied synth layers, laser-like effects, and sort of menacing aura.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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