441 // Mattia Pompeo & Snyl – Windjammer

Mattia Pompeo and SNYL debut on Critical Monday featuring a beautiful collaboration with ANGST vor GRETA and a solid remix by Alexey Union.

Critical Monday’s Chapter 17 is coming hot! Italian Mattia Pompeo and Hungarian Ferenc Topa aka SNYL teamed up to deliver a dark-matter-infused EP featuring two well-constructed originals – three if you consider the instrumental version of “Innocent Silence” a completely independent piece – and a sharp remix by Alexey Union. Oh, before we forget: The beautiful vocals on the release are by none other than ANGST vor GRETA (SXDNS341).

This is the first time Mattia & Ferenc get together for a collaboration. Despite having a similar sonority nowadays, the lads hail from different music backgrounds. While the former uses his House Music influences as source of inspiration, the latter relies on his Techno roots. The result of this interesting concoction is a cosmic & groovy output devoted to please even the most demanding partygoers out there.

Premiered here, “Windjammer” is a savoury and melodic theme with a trippy atmosphere and an upbeat gait. The mildly distorted synth layer combined with the arpeggiated lead and bouncing bassline culminated in a must-have cut that pairs well not only with dark clubs but also with sunny open airs. The most demanding partygoers of both soirees will be pleased.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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