442 // Hola Estrella – Melody Mecca (From Beyond Remix)

Hola Estrella remixed by From Beyond coming soon on My Secret Agenda. Super cool, isn't it?

Appearing for the first time on our humble premiere section, the promising Italian label My Secret Agenda opens its doors again for Hola Estrella, a rising & shining Venice-based duo whose previous works published on NEIN and My Secret Agenda itself have drawn the attention of the Indie Dance community to the sonority of these obscurity and psychedelia lovers. The forthcoming episode of their music journey is the remixes EP of the last summer’s well-received release “Amen” which counted with the collaboration of Mattia Bison for the title track. This time, besides the interesting Ritual Mix of “Amen”, Mmyylo, From Beyond (SXDNS329), and Eyjafjöll (SXDNS214) jumped in with their respective revisions.

Premiered here, Alex Wastnidge’s version of “Melody Mecca” is a sexy slo-mo chugg cut with a stunning acid attitude and an enticing oriental aura. Oh, you don’t know who Alex Wastnidge is? We don’t blame you, inasmuch as there’s absolutely no piece out there released under his name. But look it up From Beyond… then the search will be fruitful. The list of labels on which he had his endeavours put out is vast. To name a few: Boite Music, Paisley Dark, Paper Disco, Mélopée, Astrolead, Golden Soul, and NEIN. On the latter, he was selected as one of the artists to be part if our Takeover last year, by the way.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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