445 // Ilya Santana – Sirius (Martin Brodin Remix)

Ilya Santana remixed by Martin Brodin coming soon on Astrolead Recordings. KAPOW!

Master Ilya Santana (SXDNS072) has been fighting the good fight for quite some time now – and he has been winning! One of the key elements of the recognition he has achieved so far is undoubtedly the high quality of his productions. Considered one of the best of his generation amid the artists of the modern Disco scene, his many an influence enables him to deliver a prolific repertoire of retro-infused gems – originals & remixes – released on vital labels such as Mélopée, Rare Wiri, Boite Music, Nang, Permanent Vacation, Spa In Disco, and Astrolead Recordings – the latter, his very own imprint, by the way.

His forthcoming endeavour, coming soon on, yes, Astrolead, is an unbeatable single featuring a must-have remix made with love by another master: Martin Brodin, the mighty honcho of the super cool and prolific MB Disco.

For his cosmic-as-hell take on Ilya’s “Sirius”, released in October 2021, Martin decided to tune down a little bit the rock attitude of the original in order to deliver a trippier and groovier interpretation. Synth leads and layers take over the stage instead and set the mood for a more zero-gravity-oriented experience. It’s pure bliss!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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