452 // Umvral – Femto (Original Mix)

Umvral releases his first album: An 11-track beast coming soon on Veneno.

Sometimes it happens: You go to your studio or simply open your DAW, make a coffee or crack a beer open, and start creating. After a couple of hours, you may have come up with something good. Time for another coffee or beer and another go on the keyboard(s). After a while, you realize you may have a second releasable creation. The juice is flowing. The caffeine or the alcohol – or other forms of enhancement – are doing their magic, and suddenly you feel you can go for a third new project. On the next day, you check what you did, make some adjustments, and have the feeling it was a very productive session. Okay, three tracks are enough, time to release them or maybe try to see if you can go for a four out of four. You see where we are going with it, don’t you?

That’s how we kind of imagined Umvral (FREEDL018/046) constructing his 11-piece forthcoming album on his very own Veneno. Featuring originals only, “Viaje Retrospectiva” was cooked during the second semester of the last year and is the first full-length endeavour of the prolific Mexican producer. In it, he competently explores many of his favourite genres and influences such as Downtempo and Indie Dance, followed by Techno and EBM, going through Lo-Fi, House, Breakbeat, and Trance – everything blended and twisted with a spicy and acid touch. A theme for every occasion, that’s what you can find.

It was hard to choose one to review/premiere. The winner was selected after quite a deliberation, we can say. “Femto” is a House anthem that delivers a pure-blood 90s vibe with a vibrant attitude and frenzied gait. A theme whose sole mission is to help its audiences create perennial dance floor memories.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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