454 // Hard Ton – Safe (Dub)

What an outstanding release by Hard Ton on Collective Leisure. Unmissable!

After debuting on Collective Leisure with a powerful remix for Stack Effect last year, Hard Ton (SXDNS176) is finally back on the rising and shining British label this time with a solo EP: “Synthetic/Safe” delivers two beautiful originals – three if you consider the Dub version of “Safe” an entirely different piece – which come heavily packed with the characteristic and sophisticated chic-à-go-go Disco sonority of the acclaimed Italian duo, who have been quite busy the last few months with well-received appearances on Iptameno Discos, Polari, Live At Robert Johnson, Ruvido, and Belong. The consistency of their work is more than proof they cannot get enough of bringing to life high-quality themes for many different kinds of dance floors. It’s kind of impressive, in our humble fanboy opinion.

Premiered here, the aforementioned “Safe (Dub)” is as dazzling as its original sister – and yes, it can be considered an entirely different piece, not when it comes to the elements used, but the aura. Less lyrical and more acid, the Dub mix manages to deliver a more upbeat message. It’s like when you express yourself twice, using exactly the same words, but in a different tone. If you can’t decide between them: buy both, play both. And before we leave: The nostalgic “Pacific State” sample and the OMG piano layer turned “Safe” one of our favourite works by Hard Ton.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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