458 // Phun Thomas & Gūzas – It’s Time (Different Version)

Vilnius calling! Phun Thomas & Gūzas land on NEIN with a sharp EP.

One of the freshest EPs on the British powerhouse NEIN a Records was made with love & darkness in Lithuania. Phun Thomas & Gūzas teamed up for the first time to bring to life an interesting three-track release featuring the intense and vibrant “Running” and two takes of the groovy and upbeat “It’s Time”, the title track: Original Mix and Different Version.

The creative lads debut on Tronik Youth’s (SXDNS050/TAKEOVER001) mighty imprint in high style by showcasing not only their own capabilities but also Vilnius’ spot-on penchant for delivering top-notch Indie Dance/Dark Disco cuts.

Premiered here, the Different Version is, yes, different from the original (🤪) despite presenting many of the same elements. It’s like if they redecorated the living room just by reorganizing the existing furniture and somehow managed to hand over something entirely fresh. The stomping attitude and the acid gait of the theme bring the message that it’s time to stop instagraming or chilling at the lounge area and go back to the dance floor, for fuck’s sake!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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