459 // Second Gate – Black Magic (Original Mix)

Bonkers presents Second Gate remixed by Bonnie Spacey, Anastasia Zems, and Ives Barceló.

Founded in 2018 by Mexico-born Canada-based artist Ludviq, Bonkers Records has focused not on the genre but on the quality of its releases. From Techno to Breakbeat, from EBM to Indie Dance, the plural catalogue of the Tapatío label has definitely helped to anchor it amid the most interesting platforms of the current Mexican electronic music scene by featuring not only rising and acclaimed local heroes but also equally rising and acclaimed international artists.

For its forthcoming episode, Bonkers opens its doors one more time to Daniel Solís aka Second Gate, who previously appeared on the VA “Oddness, Vol. III” released a couple of months ago. His interesting debut EP, “Santero”, brings together doses of Latin American culture, mysticism, and sorcery expressed via three well-constructed cuts. For the remix duties, the title track was twisted and retwisted by none other than Bonnie Spacey (SXDNS337), Anastasia Zems (SXDNS169), and Ives Barceló.

Premiered here, “Black Magic” is undoubtedly the most complex theme of the release. Intricate elements intertwined with creative weirdness set the mood of this bold and out-of-the-box hotch-potch. Voodoo at its best here!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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