477 // Sadissmo – Dance Curse Now (Tronik Youth Remix)

Sadissmo remixed by Tronik Youth coming soon on NEIN Records.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a curse can be defined as “something evil or unpleasant that happens to someone, by or as if by a magical power”. It sounds like a thing to be avoided, doesn’t it? What if there was a good curse? If you doubt such a thing exists, just check Sadissmo’s debut EP on NEIN Records: “Dance Curse” (See? A good one) comes packed with highly danceable cuts featuring tribalism-infused elements and wilderness-soaked vibes. Besides two competent originals, the release breezes in with a splendid remix by the label honcho himself, Sir Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth (SXDNS050/TAKEOVER001).

Very little is known about Sadissmo. Our ruthless detectives found his real name is Raymundo and that he is currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico. The obscure artist seems to focus on his craft instead of social media & whatnot, hence the scarcity of information about him. Kudos!

The remixer, on the other hand, needs no introduction: Mr. Youth has been keeping the fire burning for quite some time and he shows no signs of getting tired of delivering high-quality Indie Dance/Dark Disco themes. For his interpretation of the title track, Neil started spicing things up by going from 114 to 123 BPM. The OMG-bassline topped by the ominous vocal hooks completes the bewitchment of this beautiful curse.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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