484 // Santa Klaux – Hide And Seek

What a fancy compilation published on Eclectic Reactions Records. Premiered here, Santa Klaux's contribution.

Hailing from Bilbao, Eclectic Reactions Records is a multi-genre electronic music label founded in 2014 by WLDV and Radithor. The lads decided to celebrate the ninth anniversary of their baby with a fourteen-track compilation featuring established and rising artists from all over Spain such as Adrian Marth (SXDNS188), Al Karpenter, Disociación, Baseline, Asymetric80, Elbis Rever, Maria Terror, Spammerheads, Yngryd, Santa Klaux, IOM, plus the trio Matias Riquelme, Fernando Ulzion & Mikel Vega, and last but not least the label honchos themselves. The sturdy line-up represents the label’s diverse and eclectic philosophy, whose endeavours range from EBM to Ambient, Experimental to Electro, IDM, to Techno, Drone to Industrial, and so on.

The VA goes up on the catwalk in a glitter gold seventy-minute hand-stamped cassette and golden box inside an also hand-stamped golden envelope. But you’d better hurry up: the hard copy is limited to only sixty units.

The track we were solicited to premiere comes from the creative mind of Santa Klaux, a young and promising producer from the Basque Country still giving his first steps in the game. His “Hide And Seek” is as lively and amusing as the namesake child’s play. The breakbeat gait topped with smart synth stabs and embedded with groovy percussive elements set the tone of the well-executed and inventive theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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