485 // Globemaster – Momentos (Original Mix)

Another great compilation, this time coming soon on Maleante Records. Check Globemaster's delivery and get delighted!

Maleante Records releases its second parcel of the year. After kicking off 2023 with the single “1984” by Roswell Brothers & Susie C with JGR, Diskontrol (SXDNS254), and Marcus Christiansen on the remix duties, the vital Mexican label brings to life the volume V (CMVV) of its compilation series. For the ten-track VA, some of the finest Latino talents amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene were successfully assembled: Enjanzea2, Cosmosolar, Vleks & Cazanova, Diskontrol (again) & Martior, Corresponsal & Aileen, Playa Del Karma, TAPIIA, Globemaster (SXDNS153), H, and Priorato did their best to showcase the hecho-en-México underground sonority.

The theme we were solicited to premiere was crafted with ingenuity and competence by young but seasoned DJ/producer Globemaster. Young in age but experienced when it comes to delivering high-level cuts, the Torreón-based artist has already appeared on many an imprint. Just to mention a few: Phisica, NEIN, Oberwave, Emerald & Doreen, Veneno, Latido, Quixotical, and Maleante, his favourite home.

For his contribution to CMVV, Globemaster put together a spicy bassline topped with sober synth riffs and an elegant crescendo, resulting in a trippy and emotive piece devoted to creating pleasant dance-floor memories for its audiences.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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