487 // Gameboyz – Chicken N’ Drugs (Shkema Remix)

The Gameboyz are back on NEIN Records, this time remixed by Ian Vale and Shkema.

Nativo, Relish, Richmerch, Ninefont Music, Playground, Sprechen, Rotten City Files, Tici Taci, Beachcoma, KNM, Melomana (their very own outlet)… the list of labels where the former trio and currently duo Gameboyz (SXDNS061) have their work published is extensive. Charlie (Carlos Franco) & Kali (Luis Vallespín), when in studio, let the juice flow and fail to disappoint when it comes to seaming together their most personal influences. The result is a powerful acid-meets-stamina-meets-groove devoted-to-the-dance-floor concoction.

Their freshest endeavour lands now on NEIN: The “Chicken & Drugs” EP comes fried and crispy with three outstanding originals and two well-constructed remixes made with love by Ian Vale and Shkema. Premiered here, the latter’s version.

While the original tells its story in 110 BPM, the interpretation of the rising “weird producer and weird DJ” from Lithuania shows its credentials in 116. For his account, Shkema brought the theme to his realm by ripping off the arpeggios and the fat and adding a more frolic and, yes, “weird” gait, somebody would say. We liked it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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