486 // Chinosynth – Bonsai

Chinosynth debuts on Golden Soul Records with a powerful version of a beautiful single.

Curated with expertise by Jaime Rodríguez Navarro aka James Rod (SXDNS099), the prolific Golden Soul Records reaches its eighty-seventh instalment. For the occasion, the Roswell Brothers gathered a super team of Latino talents to deliver their own vision of the single “Bonsai”. We are talking about versions here, and not necessarily remixes. Cali Burton, Playa Del Karma, Chinosynth (FREEDL021), Xsentrico, H, and the Roswells themselves twisted and retwisted this beautiful single at their own will in order to deliver well-crafted and creative interpretations with heart and mind, resulting in a true showcase of the young and rising artists’ capabilities. The release also works to increase once and for all the broad vision James has of Nu Disco: if it is groovy, it is for the Golden Soul catalogue. The (unnecessary) pigeonholing thing is up to you.

Premiered here, Chinosynth’s interpretation enchants due to its cosmic aura. With previous appearances on vital labels such as NEIN, HEARec, Side Up Works, Maleante, Controlla, Logia, and Discos Prohibidos, just to name a few, the solid Mexican artist brought the theme to his own realm by infusing it with a trippy and dreamy pad, a throbbing and pulsating bassline, arpeggiated and deep synth layers, and last but not least punchy and sharp guitar riffs.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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