494 // Basileus – Dreams & Nights

Another brand-new label starts its journey: Argentinian Modula Discos joins the party full of promising local heroes. Among them: Basileus.

It seems we are having a week of debuting labels (and we like it!): Based in La Plata, Argentina, Modula Discos kicks off its activities with a pure Latino talent showcase. For the occasion, the team brings to life the compilation “Sortilegios”, a six-track VA featuring two rising artists, Cosmosolar and Basileus, whose past works have already been reviewed by us in previous premieres, and some new faces, Viktoria Jauregui, V.C.I., Laura Butallo, and Yerno Vil, who are appearing for the first time on our humble platform.

Focusing on analog-synth music, the imprint comes to enrich even more the boiling Argentinian underground music scene with special attention to the promotion of non-fluffy genres such as Indie Dance, Dark Disco, and Techno. A quick analysis of Modula’s first release’s content will make you realise there is no poppycock in the scope of its soundscape: It’s Disco-meets-darkness with shards of Latin influences setting the tone, babe.

Premiered here, Basileus’s “Dreams & Nights” is a frenzied and upbeat Made-In-Buenos-Aires cut loaded with a rock attitude and bouncing gait triggered, respectively, by its vibrating guitar riffs and sturdy bassline. The icing on the cake is the nervous acid layer wrapping things up. Peak-time stuff alert!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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