495 // Chloe Lula – Neu Elektro

Let's support this charity compilation by KEYI MAGAZINE, shall we? By buying this VA, you help the work of two vital NGOs. Premiered here, Chloe Lula's contribution.

Music and solidarity have been walking hand in hand for quite some time. The number of events and releases devoted to bringing relief to those in need is simply countless, and more than ever now during the last crazy years we have been immersed in.

This one may draw your attention: The Berlin-based KEYI MAGAZINE put together an impressive forty-four-track (🤯) multi-genre charity compilation featuring not only acclaimed and established but also rising and aspirant artists – just to name a few: Ellen Allien, Chloe Lula, Curses, David Carretta, Que Sakamoto (SXDNS320) & NT, Neu Romancer, Franz Scala, Skelesys (SXDNS139), Melania., and Flavia Laus delivered insightful works for the beautiful initiative.

All the proceeds will be donated to two remarkable institutions: The White Helmets, who tirelessly strive to provide aid and assistance in conflict zones, and the Welthungerhilfe, dedicated to combating hunger and poverty worldwide.

There will also be a party: On June 29 KEYI MAGAZINE launches the VA at Kantine am Berghain with an event for friends and family. For the occasion: Peter Kirn, Guiddo & Piro, Skelesys, Berlin Bunny, and Dice will bring some happiness to your feet.

The track we chose to premiere was made with love by San Francisco-born Berlin-based artist Chloe Lula, who jumped into her Electro influences to bring to life this antagonistic theme: sober & frenzied, gloomy & upbeat, introspective & disturbed… “Neu Elektro” is definitely a piece that strikes the right chords when it comes to creating new and perennial dance floor memories.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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