516 // Woolfy – The Growler

Woolfy's contribution to this MEGA VA coming soon on Astrolead Recordings is a must-have!

Compilations are always fun, aren’t they? Perusing through the many a landscape delivered by each of the artists involved can be an enriching and valuable experience if you are into really listening to music instead of only dancing to it. Here is a great opportunity to savour the moment: Astrolead brings to life a ravishing 13-track VA featuring some of the hottest and/or promising acts amid the Nu Disco/Synthwave scene. Ichisan, Martin Brodin, Woolfy, Rayko (SXDNS118), From Beyond (SXDNS329), Petko Turner, Jason Core, and the label boss himself, Ilya Santana (SXDNS072), just to name a few, brought their best to the game with high-quality retro-imprinted cuts.

The track we were solicited to review/premiere comes from the creative mind of Simon James aka Woolfy. Hailing from Los Angeles, Simon’s most prominent works have been published on Permanent Vacation, Lagasta, Phantom Island, Eclectics, Midnight Riot, and Ritual Release. He now makes his debut on Astrolead with an extremely well-constructed piece: Ska-like guitar riffs got together with a bouncing bassline to bring to life one of the most creative themes of the release. It’s funky and groovy, babe!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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