521 // Mandruvá & Torstol – Mapinguari (A-Tweed Acid Raven Remix)

Belly Dance Services opens its doors to Brazilian producers Mandruvá & Torstol. On the remix duties, none other than Leonor and A-Tweed.

Mapinguari is a mythical monstrous jungle-dwelling spirit from Brazilian folklore said to protect the forest and its animals. It is described as a former human shaman turned into a hairy humanoid cyclops with a gaping mouth on its abdomen and feet turned backwards to confuse those trying to track it. It is also the name of the debut EP of the talented Brazilian producers Mandruvá and Torstol on the beloved-by-all Belly Dance Services. On board the mystical adventure, honchos Leonor (SXDNS034) and A-Tweed (SXDNS222) with two stunning remixes of the title track.

This is not the first beast Mandruvá and Torstol fight together. “Boiuna” and “Herança Humana”, previously and respectively published on Monada and Pauken & Trompeten, are maybe signs that the promising partnership tends to keep pouring high-quality Tropical electronica for the foreseeable future.

A-Tweed, in turn, needs no introduction amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene. The master of the danceable weirdness strikes again with a solid interpretation of “Mapinguari”: He managed to keep the complexity of the original but soaked the monster with an unfathomable amount of acid and percussive elements. Brother Mapin would bleed his feet dancing to it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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