527 // V.C.I. – Cursed (Original Mix)

At last Modula Discos is back for its second release. Doing the honours, V.C.I.

After its well-received debut release – a six-track VA featuring Cosmosolar, Basileus, Viktoria Jauregui, V.C.I., Laura Butallo, and Yerno Vil –, the brand-new La Plata-based label Modula Discos is more than ready for its second episode: The outlet welcomes back the Argentinian duo Voltage Controlled Illusion, whose previous works appeared on Slow Cycle, Print ID, and Modula itself, this time presenting no less than ten originals. No remixers or collaborators here: All tracks were developed for their live performances culminating in an outstanding album that showcases the capabilities of the creative hermanos.

In the catwalk, dance-floor-oriented cuts only, displaying props from Techno, EBM, Industrial, Trance, Leftfield, New Wave, and Krautrock, and culminating in a must-have compilation of proper Dark Disco themes.

Given the high level of the album, it was hard to choose only one to review. But after a couple of listening sessions and some deliberation, we managed to pick our favourite: Premiered here, “Cursed” is a frolic and upbeat piece that develops its spell through a driving bassline, powerful sequencer patterns, and well-heeled percussive elements. The result: Darkness with groove at its best!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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