526 // Beyond The Struttosphere Feat. Miss Zagato – Satellite Cities (Ivan Fabra Remix)

Beyond The Struttosphere finally debut on the beloved Emerald & Doreen. Premiered here, Ivan Fabra's imposing remix.

Some labels have their names carved in marble when it comes to their importance to the origins of the modern Indie Dance/Nu Disco scene. Before such denominations even existed, Emerald & Doreen had already put out dozens of releases featuring such genres. And the German imprint simply cannot get enough of it by keeping a solid string of deliveries and maintaining its position among the most vital outlets of the game.

One of its freshest episodes is coming super hot, by the way: “Odyssey-10” is the new endeavour by the London-based duo Beyond The Struttosphere (SXDNS263), who invited Miss Zagato to collaborate in one of the tracks and none other than Vongold (SXDNS236), Ivan Fabra (SXDNS107), and Badknife for the remix duties.

With appearances on Disc-o-lypso, Gouranga, Mélopée, Astrolead, and IDWT, the Struttosphere lads are addicted to handing out high-quality cosmic-embedded gems, always featuring a lofty standard production technique allied with intense and fierce creativity – little wonder they have conquered so many hearts since their debut in 2019.

Ivan Fabra, the mastermind behind the remix we were solicited to review/premiere, needs no introduction but let’s say a few words about him for those still not familiar with his career: The acclaimed Spanish virtuoso is one of those boogie heads who managed to keep the fire burning in nowadays’ times by delivering not only stunning Disco edits but also spot-on retro-soaked originals. The result can be seen on Boite Music, Spa In Disco, Sprechen, Nang, Paradiso, Love Attack, Internasjonal, N I G H T N O I S E, and E&D itself, just to name a few.

For his take on “Satellite Cities”, Master Fabra went nuts with the progressiveness and deepness. A leftfield aura comes forward and pairs perfectly with the soft guitar-like riffs and frolic laser FXs. The magnificent vocals by Miss Zagato cannot go unmentioned. They undoubtedly bring the theme to another level.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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