528 // Tierra De Ovnis & Vleks – Fuente De Energia (Original Mix)

Next on Mandarina Records: Tierra De Ovnis & Vleks brought their main influences together and came up with a juicy two-track EP. Check it out!

Representatives of the modern underground music Mexican scene, Tierra De Ovnis (SXDNS295) and Vleks have finally got together for a hot collaboration. Coming soon on the interesting CDMX-based outlet Mandarina Records, “Fuente De Energia” delivers two sharp originals cooked with love by the skilled duo.

With appearances on Duro, Sinchi, Espacio Cielo, Rotten City Files, and NEIN, just to name a few, Tierra De Ovnis’ sonority combines psychedelia and darkness with an extraterrestrial touch. Vleks, in turn, goes in another direction with a Rock-meets-Techno output that can be found on Slow Cycle, Inner Shah, Maleante, and HEARec, for instance.

That said, yeah… their EP comes packed with a psychedelic aura seamlessly blended with a Rock attitude – especially the title track, premiered here. A predicted but outstanding delivery with a sort of acid and experimental drive that ended up turning on the looking-forward-to-the-future-endeavours-of-the-lads alert.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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