539 // Berny & Ludviq – Soju (Cosmosolar Remix)

Berny & Ludviq had some shots together and came up with a vital EP for NEIN Records. Master Cosmosolar jumped in with a mind-blowing remix!

Soju means “burned liquor”, with the first syllable referring to the heat of distillation, and the second to “alcoholic drink” – a clear and colourless Korean distilled beverage usually consumed neat and chilled. It is also the name of the inebriating collaboration between Berny (SXDNS378) & Ludviq coming soon on the mighty NEIN Records. Featuring sturdy remixes by Cosmosolar, Funboys (SXDNS227), and Wonder Talking, the EP comes wrapped in proper groovy darkness devoted to bringing alcoholic frenziness to the dance floor.

The mastermind behind the mixtape series and label In Dark We Trust, Berny has been having a busy 2023 so far with well-received appearances on Phisica, Sapient Robots, Quixotical, Side Up Works, New Day Everyday, and Roam. The founder of Bonkers Records, Ludviq, in turn, has had his outcome published on U’re Guay, Sonido Moderna, Controlla, Kyma Komplex, and also Side Up Works.

Premiered here, Cosmosolar’s magnificent interpretation of the title track distills its intoxicating aura through complex layers and elements drunkenly intertwined that result in an elaborate and knotty cut with an incredibly freaking acid gait. Geonbae!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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