557 // Osccurate – Allnight

Osccurate debuts on Club Mackan with a vibrant and frenzied EP.

Feeling lost when it comes to starting your safari through the Indie Dance jungle? Too many soundscapes out there and you don’t feel secure which one to explore first? We have a suggestion for you: Commence perusing the catalogue of a couple of labels – and do yourself a favour: Consider Club Mackan at the outset of your hunting.

Home not only for top-notch established artists but also hotshot promising acts of the scene, the Swedish imprint is undoubtedly one of the best sources there is to find a considerable amount of high-quality cosmic-darkness-infused material without wasting time digging randomly release after release at your favourite retailer.

For its forthcoming delivery, Mackan presents Osccurate, a skilled Colombian musician and producer with a super crush on 140-BPM heavy cuts. His “Dansé Gótica” EP goes in a different direction, though. Melodic and progressive, the originals vary from 125 to 128 and showcase the influences and capabilities of the young artist. On the remix duties,, Mundo D, and Bizzarro Universe (SXDNS286), by the way.

Premiered here, “Allnight” and its Trance-meets-Italo-meets-Hi-NRG bearing hands over a powerful and exciting peak-time beast. Just a sample of the kind of goods you can find in the Big Mack’s collection.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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