573 // Roglar – Sexual Activity (Guerrero Sound Machine Remix)

You may wanna check out this top-notch remix Guerrero Sound Machine made for Roglar's first appearance on HEARec.

The formula of featuring established artists allied with talented newcomers shows no signs of decline. Both small and big labels have resorted to it over and over, and we simply cannot get enough of it. The reason: It provides the opportunity to keep the pace of the names our ears grew accustomed to plus check in first-hand the work of the generation who is going to preserve our love for dance-floor-oriented music. HEARec is no different. Its rich catalogue fails to disappoint when it comes to combining, successfully, the former with the latter.

For its 64th episode, the prolific outlet welcomes Roglar, a rising Spanish producer whose previous appearances on Sincopat and Mélopée paved the road for “Sexual Activity”, his debut EP on the Bolivia/France-based imprint.

Premiered here, the solo remix of the release, made with love by Guerrero Sound Machine, comes with the imposing Rock gait of the original but the opera-like vocals, trippy synth leads, and acid layer added by the Bolivian erudite brought the game to another level.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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