574 // Ludviq – Frenzied

Ludviq is back on Kyma Komplex, this time with an EP to call his own!

“Frenzied” means “wildly excited or uncontrolled”, and it is the name of Ludviq’s debut EP on the untamed Kyma Komplex, a thrilling five-track release featuring two wildly excited originals and three uncontrolled remixes made with love by She Teiks, Undefined Pattern (SXDNS197), and Veltrán, the label big honcho himself.

Ludviq, who is the owner of a respected imprint himself, Bonkers the name, needs no introduction amid the so-called Indie Dance scene. With solid appearances on Controlla, Veneno, NEIN, Belly Dance Services, Side Up Works, Altered Rhythm, Kyma itself on the remix duty, and of course, Bonkers, the Mexican-now-lost-in-Barcelona virtuoso is one of the most interesting names of the new Latino underground electronic music generation.

The title track, premiere here, lives up to its name and comes packed with a rich concoction of elements which showcases Lud’s high-level technique and ingenuity. The result is a hard-to-pigeonhole cut (is it Techno, Electro, or something else?) brimming with complex percussive layers and arpeggiated synth leads.

And by the way, it was a rhetorical question: It is definitely something else.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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