575 // Kalocain – Groove Drift

Made In Offenbach, Kalocain's new album is coming hot on Electric Shapes!

The insightful Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes kicks off its 2024 season with a special release. Why special? Because it’s on vinyl, baby! “Genetic Memory” is the brand-new endeavour of the skilled German producer Kalocain, aka Steppin’ Wolf, whose debut on the Lithuanian imprint was not so long ago (last month to be more precise) when he cooked an edgy and fierce remix for Drawbridge’s “Highway to Forest”.

For those not into 12 inches, fear not: The album is also going to be available in digital format presenting not only the pressed cuts but also an extra original track, “Groove Drift”, the chosen one for our premiere, plus solid interpretations made with love by Henry Greenleaf, Frankfurt Bass, and Dogpatrol.

“Groove Drift” develops its magic through a mesmerizing and engaging aura packed in a delicious 100-BPM gait. The deep and progressive synth pad paired perfectly with the carnival-like percussive layer, resulting in a laid-back but buoyant theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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