578 // Anastasia Zems – Casa Amarela

Russian Anastasia Zems lands on the Italian imprint Alzaya with a Portuguese-seasoned release.

Anastasia Zems (SXDNS169) defines herself as “a girl who can do both”. She is certainly referring to her sharp skills not only performing but also producing, little wonder she has been achieving more and more recognition for her work by queuing a string of gigs both in local and international realms and having her output published on mighty and vital labels such as Duro, Hard Fist, Les Yeus Orange, Sinchi, Playground, and Logical, just to name a few – and this is just the beginning. Anastasia has not been in the game for that long, and having her work recognized still in the early stages of her journey is a sign that stardom awaits her in a very near future.

The rising Russian talent moved recently to Lisbon and quickly conquered the Portuguese ears with her refined darkness-meets-groovy sonority. The successful formula is repeated on her forthcoming release “Atlantika” on the Italian label Alzaya featuring a savoury remix by Eklektique. For the 12” aficionados out there, the pressed format of the EP is going to be available soon for your consideration.

“Casa Amarela” delivers its message through an EMB-clad gait and a menacing aura spiced with the right amount of acid. The powerful bassline and eerie vocals cannot go unmentioned. A solid work – one of Anastasia’s finest, in our humble opinion – whose for-intelligent-dance-floors-only tag will not prevent it from reaching wider audiences outside the darkness fan base.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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