603 // Alemao & Rem’s Martinez – Boys Revenge

The Franco-German collaboration between Rem’s Martinez and Alemao resulted in a stunning EP coming soon on the mighty Espacio Cielo.

Coming soon on the Spanish powerhouse Espacio Cielo, the too-hot-to-trot endeavour of rising & shining producers Rem’s Martinez (SXDNS108) and Alemao is a must-have. Featuring remixes tailored with love by none other than Mundo D and Javier Busto (FREEDL060), “Acid Boys” is filled with retro cosmic insertions and a proper dose of, yes, Acid – not too much, not too little, just the perfect amount as clearly explained by the title of the second original, “Just A Dash Of Acid”.

Hailing from Marseille, France, Rem’s is a common name amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene due to his well-received appearances on Critical Monday, Quixotical, and Under The Tree. Munich-based Alemao, in turn, has also his name shouted out loud and clear because of his solid discography issued on Sinchi, NEIN, Mélopée, and Weirdos, to name a few. Both land on Espacio for the very first time – and they could not have had a better debut.

Premiered here, “Boys Revenge” comes wrapped with a punchy attitude delivered by sturdy guitar-like riffs, melodic synth leads, and AAA+ vocals by Rem’s himself. The result is a Post-Punk-meets-Electroclash theme with an absurd level of danceability. And for those who like to sing along while dancing: “The Boys Revenge/Do you wanna see?/It’s a high level/You won’t believe it/The Boys Revenge/Do you wanna fit in?/It’s now or never/You should come here.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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