604 // Joe Lewandowski – Be MSLF (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The one & only Joe Lewandowski is giving away for free his debut EP on Love On The Sky. Grab your copy on SoundCloud, will you?

French virtuoso Joe Lewandowski (SXDNS347) adds another step on his steadfast stairway to stardom. After a solid string of acclaimed releases on established labels such as Amsem, Skylax, Virgin Music, Friendsome, Nothing Is Real, and Rituel, just to name a few, he lands on the brand-new imprint Love On The Sky with “HYPPEROCK”, another bold statement of his signature sonority but this time aiming to “lay the foundations of a new genre”, according to Joe, by “blending Trance, Indie Dance, and Rock”.

Featuring three out of four pumped originals filled with his characteristic multi-genre-merged attitude – one in collaboration with Manlia on the vocals –, the closing theme of the EP comes with a more minimalistic aura but still faithful to Hypperock in its core with rhythmic vocal stabs, frolic laser-like FXs, progressive synth leads, and a dynamic bassline, “Be MSLF” presents a different side of Joe’s repertoire of versatilities. Surprising? For those familiar with Mr. Lewa’s capabilities, not exactly. But different, jacking. We liked it!

You can find this and soon other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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