605 // Duncan Gray – The Remote Control Thief

CHARITY RELEASE ALERT! Paisley Dark/Shelter Me are raising awareness for the homelessness crisis in the UK with another powerful VA. Duncan Gray & many others are on board! Hop in!

There are more than 310,000 people homeless in England today, a visible effect of the austerity policies of the evil Tories. A lot of time, work and money is needed to solve the problem – and the solid British label Paisley Dark Records, through its Shelter Me branch, is doing its part by bringing to life the third instalment of its charity series: “Shelter Me – In Crisis” gathers a starry line-up of artists hailing from various corners of this crazy and doomed little blue dot of ours aiming to draw attention to the growing homelessness emergency in the UK.

On board: Al Mackenzie, A Space Age Freak Out (remixed by Mindbender), A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo, Cosmikuro, Duncan Gray, Högt I Tak, Hunterbräu, Ian Vale, James Rod, Jezebell, Mr BC, Pete Gleadall, (remixed by Ed Tomlinson), Shunt Voltage, Stylic (remixed by Keith Forrester), Tecwaa, Tronik Youth, Warriors Of The Dystotheque & Joe Duggan (remixed by Ed Mahon), and last but not least Zillas On Acid. “With such an impressive lineup, we are determined to exceed our past accomplishments”, stated the label gang on the PR text, “setting an initial fundraising goal of 4K”. FYI: All proceeds are going to be donated directly to the UK-based charity Crisis.

Premiered here, Master Duncan Gray’s (SXDNS075) contribution is one of the highlights of the compilation. “The Remote Control Thief” comes with a perfect House-Music-inspired bassline topped with imposing synth layers and a gorgeous acid gait.

Let’s support this initiative, shall we? Buy it and fuck the bloody Tories!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Duncan Gray and Paisley Dark/Shelter Me, peeps!

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