607 // Avi Sakorka – Deeper (Original Mix)

Avi Sakorka debuts on the super cool HEARec with a must-have EP!

Seasoned Berlin-based producer Avi Sakorka adds another notch on his belt. After well-received appearances on vital labels amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene such as NEIN, Sinchi, and Mélopée, he now lands on the respected Bolivia/France-based outlet HEARec with a collection of powerful darkness-meets-groovy cuts: “Break The Sound” showcases Avi’s dance-floor-experience point of view through four fangy originals – yeah, no remixes this time.

Fusing EBM, New Wave, and Trance elements, Avi is not afraid of supplying heavy and intense themes. Aiming the peak time, his goal is to provide something bold wrapped with heavy doses of retro soundscapes but with a modern bearing.

Premiered here, “Deeper” is a perfect example of the aforementioned description of his global domination plans. The stomping bassline established a perfect chemistry with the nervous synth leads, and menacing speech-like vocals, resulting in an intense and frenzied body-music jewel.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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