619 // Kate Pending – Pigmented Reality (Iron Curtis Augmented Remix)

Kate Pending's debut album is simply outstanding! We reviewed one of mighty Iron Curtis's remixes. Check it out!

Meet Kate Pending, an enigmatic and ingenious Berlin-based artist whose very first full-length album works as a wide introduction to the universe of her many influences and capabilities. The edgy “Pigmented Reality” develops its magic through twelve well-constructed originals – plus three insightful remixes by Void Loop ( ) and Iron Curtis –, spanning amongst different textures and soundscapes. Ethereal, experimental, progressive, and whatnot strokes come together and bring to life a multi-genre palette, filled with a ubiquitous synth extravaganza that results in both dance-floor-oriented gems and relaxing introspective themes.

The mastermind behind the remix premiered here, in turn, needs no introduction. His rich discography with acclaimed appearances on vital labels such as Frank Music, Melomana, Permanent Vacation, DistroKid, Dirt Crew, Vitalik, and Chiwax, just to name a few, has put Iron Curtis among the most interesting and solicited House Music artists of his generation. His two Electro-tinged breaks Augmented and Augmented Dub reworks of the title track deliver the stripped back maximalist sound we come to expect from him. The energy and gravity of the original was kept but comes now clad in a peak-time gait.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

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