618 // Viktoria Jauregui – 8 AM (V.C.I. Remix)

Viktoria Jauregui brings to life her very first EP! With remixes by Ludmila Fuks and V.C.I., "Noche" is coming soon on Modula.

For its fourth delivery, the promising Buenos Aires/Madrid-based imprint Modula welcomes back skilled – and also promising – producer Viktoria Jauregui. Hailing from La Plata, Argentina, Viktoria was present on Modula’s debut release with the complex and heated cut “Quiero”, part of the six-track compilation “Sortilegios”. After appearing on other VAs on TeQwave and Kyma Komplex, she finally has an EP to call her own filled with what she understands as electronic music for the intelligent dance floors out there: absolutely no fluffiness or pink flamingos, only groovy and highly danceable dark vibes. On the remix duties, Ludmila Fuks (SXDNS361) and V.C.I. Premiered here, the latter’s interpretation.

The name of the Argentinian duo stands for Voltage Controlled Illusion. Creative, as their very own productions, both originals and reworks. For their take on “8 AM”, for instance, the lads deployed their sharp resourcefulness by keeping the aforementioned groovy and highly danceable dark vibes of the original but covered it now with a proper amount of acid.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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