620 // TDWS – Tear

MASSIVE RELEASE ALERT! Treat yourself with this impressive collection of gems hand-picked by Club Mackan!

Gathering like-minded artists for a party: Easy-peasy picnic cakewalk task. Gathering like-minded artists for a compilation: Uphill-battle ordeal-like burdensome mission. Well, the rising & shining Swedish powerhouse Club Mackan did it… again! The second parcel of its “A Retro Futuristic Collage” series brought together seventeen talented producers and delivered one of the best VAs of the year so far. On board, old & new faces from the Indie Dance realm such as Marcus Christiansen, the label Prime Minister himself, Mundo D, Osccurate, Pianopoli, Karl Draum, TDWS, SLTBQ, Elysian Underground, Jo Kazan,, Beni Geier, and Miss Zagato, just to name a few, came up with some proper retro-cosmic-infused material for the occasion.

The track premiered here marks USA-based TDWS’s very first appearance on Mackan. With previous works issued on Girlfriend Records and Sinchi, the promising American virtuoso aims the peak time with his frenzied fast-paced and upbeat themes. His 136-BPM “Tear”, for instance, presents itself dressed to impress with an imposing attitude tailored to please even the most hardcore fans of Trance out there. Frolic synth layers and progressive leads set the tone and result in one of the finest pieces of the batch.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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