621 // Jakob Mäder – 1991 (Fast Mix)

Jakob Mäder debuts on TOYS Berlin with a House-Meets-Techno masterpiece!

ASA 808 & DAEDE, Eklekta, Jakob Mäder, Jon Selbo, and OSO are on board the delicious volume II of the compilation series “DJ TOYS” of the super cool German queer & feminist collective, party series, and label TOYS Berlin. Featuring UK Bass/Garage, Trance, and House flavours, the VA fails big time to disappoint and manages to deliver a savoury five-course meal filled not only with peak-time juicy fares but also laid-back zesty refreshments.

Hailing from Stuttgart, Jakob Mäder is the mastermind behind the track we were solicited to review/premiere. With well-received cuts issued on vital imprints such as Midnight Operators, theBasement Discos, Bedrock, Frank Music, Mélopée, Nothing Is Real, Mister T. Records, and his very own Constant Change, just to name a few, he has become one of the most prolific and solicited artists of his generation amid the House Music scene.

Described as “rave friendly” in the official PR text due to the ingenious simplicity of its elaboration, “1991” is served with the perfect amount of 90s dressing – not too much, not too little so that you can scarf it down without getting stuffed. For the recipe, chef Mäder focused on “what the dance floor nowadays needs” and seasoned its delicacy with a fatty bassline and saucy synth chords. Einfach lecker!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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