623 // nICo – The Red Sun

What a great EP by nICo coming soon on the brand-new French label Estuary Tapes!

After kicking off its journey with a rich well-received eleven-track compilation at the end of last year, the Saint Brieuc-based Estuary Tapes brings to the virtual shelves its second release. For the occasion, the promising French label welcomes skilled producer nICo to its roster. With previous works featured on HardFist, Inside Out, and Sinchi, just to name a few, the Italian producer refuses to have his sonority pigeonholed and manages to deliver an interesting palate of colourful pieces.

For his debut on Estuary, nICo presents the expertly constructed “Unexplored Earths”, a four-theme EP with a concerning message: “the quest for a new habitable planet” – something we might need way sooner than expected due to the insatiable greed of the abusers of our fragile and doomed little blue dot.

Premiered here, the insightful “The Red Sun” opens the fete wrapped in what nICo considered the correct aura for the EP: “spacey and acid vibes, dub percussions, and shamanic rhythms” which resulted in a mesmerising and emotive cut filled with “textures, deep atmospheres, and solar melodies.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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