638 // ØrsØ – Dancing Girl (Skahr Remix)

Skahr delivered a superb remix for the return of ØrsØ's "Terms & Conditions" EP on Lake Of Confidence. Accept them in order to proceed.

With headquarters located in beautiful Bastia, France, Lake Of Confidence is a “laboratoire sonore” focused on providing high-quality electronic music based on sensibility. Genre is not important – emotion is. A quick stroll through its catalog and you will grasp the concept. In it, music to dance, reflect, think, rethink, and dream. Deepness and groovy walk hand in hand through Experimental, Electronica, Ambient, New Wave, Drone, Post-Punk, Indie, House, and Techno cuts. Caveat emptor: Expect the unexpected, though.

For its forthcoming brick on the wall, the colourful French label welcomes back Ajaccio’s mayor ØrsØ and his “Terms & Conditions”, this time fancily remix-clad to impress. Originally released last December, the EP was, per request of its architect, twisted and contorted by skilled and talented contractors: North Frequency Canal, Misty Dey, Berthe, Skahr, Pasqua Pancrazi, and… ØrsØ himself, who could not resist the temptation of coming up with another version of his very own work. Bold!

The track we selected to premiere/review was properly, yes, twisted and contorted by Paris-based virtuoso Skahr. In his vision, “Dancing Girl” had to be an acid and introspective theme, characteristics which competently replaced the progressive and stirring aura of the original, resulting in an insightful avant-garde interpretation.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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